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#1 Chiropractic and Wellness clinic in the Conejo Valley, Knox Family Chiropractic prides itself in what we call “patient first” care. We will discuss your health goals as a team and set a plan of action that works for you and your schedule.

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Rehabilitation & Fitness

Dr. Kyle utilizes the latest in Fascial therapy and rehabilitative exercises to get you back in the action sooner and faster. From postural exercises to kinesiological taping, Dr. Kyle has the skills and experience necessary to take care of you.

Westlake Village CA Chiropractor

Nutritional Support

Through the use of today’s technology, Dr. Kyle has created programs that are food concentrate based and can be easily implemented into anyone’s schedule with convenience.

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Mental Clarity

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This is hands down the best chiropractic care given in the Ventura County I am sure of it. I have never trusted in chiropractic care until my back got to the point that I needed to do somthing. Pain pills were over running my life. Thank you to Dr Kyle Knox and his wife I now have less back pain and a better outlook on life.  As for the unhappy customer that was left in my room for 30 minutes that’s unfortunate because I have never experienced that with Dr Kyle I have been explained everything that will be done to me & a reason for it. Yelp likes to take down reviews that are positive so hurry up and get this one read before they take it down. If you’re looking for confident comprehensive coherent chiropractic care synergy is the place for you. No I do not know Dr Kyle personally on any level other than he is a great chiropractor check my background if you’d like.

Brett B

Dental Assistant

After being recommended by a close family friend, I have been seeing Dr. Kyle for almost a year. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to sit and talk with you about your concerns. Dr. Kyle consistently makes sure to watch my exercise form in order to prevent future injuries and offers solutions to questions I have. I would definitely recommend his practice!

Shelby V

Dr. Knox is extremely compassionate and goes over and beyond to help his patient. He advised me to try a treatment that rid me of chronic shoulder pain. IT WORKED! Also, I’m now being treated for hip issues. If one treatment doesn’t work, he’ll keep trying. Dr. Knox is very motivating. Which inspires me to continue on my road to better health. If you want a Dr. that will Listen and work hard for you, that is Dr. Kyle Knox.

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I feel like a new person after I see Dr. Knox. Very good at what he does and informative. Always fixes my back issues!

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Dr. Kyle Knox, DC CCSP

31360 Via Colinas Dr., Suite 104

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Low Back Pain – Exercise

Low Back Pain – Pregnancy – Post Labor pain By: Dr. Kyle Knox, DC CCSP Westlake Village Chiropractor One of the most frustrating aspects of lower back pain for an active lifestyle person is what to do exercise wise while you are healing.  The lower back starts to feel better and you want to get back to that boot camp or training regimen.  Lower back pain has a lot of possible reasons and diagnoses.  For the majority of muscular skeletal issues, core strengthening is one of the best things you can do to support the lower back.  If you have a disk issue, the unstable material is now a lifetime process of needing extra stabilizing.   Here is the question…..When you have low back pain or just getting out of pain, what are safe exercises to start with?  The following video describes five easy to do exercises that can be performed daily to give your core a good foundation.   With this foundation of movement, you will then be safe to progress to more advanced movements and strength. Exercises to stay away from while recovering from lower back pain: 1. Deep squat 2. Dead lift 3. Supine scissor kicks 4. Downward Dog – If Disk Related (Sciatica) 5. Heavy bench press... read more
Making the Shift with Dr. Kyle – Episode 2 – Guest Interview with Professional Baseball Player Chad Smith   Welcome back everyone.  Today we have Chad Smith on the wire and he goes through how he has made a shift towards the major leagues.  He goes through amazing information for any young athlete and parents of the athletes on what is important and what to expect.  I love how he really gets honest with the situation and gives invaluable information on what he had to do.   You can download or listen below this message. http://media.blubrry.com/making_the_shift/p/synergyhealthchiropractic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Chad-Smith_mixdown.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes |... read more

Boot Camp Alternatives – Low Back Pain

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] Have you ever attended a boot camp and wondered if there were alternatives to the circuit given?  Part of the attraction to boot camps are the facts: They are lower in cost, have great energy for motivation and a connection is  made with the instructor.  The unfortunate downfalls are the lack of attention to detail on technique and specificity of the training depending on a persons pains or weaknesses.  This is not because the instructor is a bad trainer.  The average skilled personal trainer will tell you they do not like having more than 3 people per class to maintain proper attention to detail.  So how do we get around this?  Can you still enjoy the boot camp but have a little more ease of mind to not hurting yourself? Answer:  YES!!! I will be loading a new video each week on Book Camp Alternative’s for certain ailments. Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before attempting any book camp or exercise shown on synergyhealthchiropractic.com. Boot Camp Circuit #1 – Low Back Pain Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints I see in my office.  Low back pain can have a list of etiologies, the most common is bad posture at work.  As you increase time in a chair the lower back will start to relax and flatten out allowing the shoulders to droop forward and create a complete “C” curve in the spine.  This puts a tremendous strain on the lower back disks and weakens the core from the back to front.  The below circuit will help counterbalance that stress and bring a little balance... read more

Synergy Sports Program

  Synergy  Sports Program Dr. Kyle Knox, DC CCSP Synergy Health Chiropractic presents a one a kind program for the athlete.  In today’s world of sports the demands are going up and recovery time is going down.  It is important that before the bodies are pushed in a direction of increased demand, the foundation movements and proper recovery are attained.  Through the Synergy Athletic program the young and seasoned athlete works directly with Dr. Kyle to talk about goals, analyze the individuals movement pattern and implement a program to reach their goals.   Program Design Initial Exam and Video Analysis Through the initial exam the athlete talks about their specific goals, past injuries, current training schedule, and is lead through functional movement testing with video. Kenisio Capture – Video Analysis for objective goals and instabilities After all the information has been gathered through the initial exam, the athletes family and Dr. Kyle will sit down and talk about recommendations and program design. The programs are not cookie cutter plug and play.  Depending on the movement level and state of injuries, a program will be tailored for each individual’s situation.     Program Packages Recovery + Includes: Weekly checkups with the doctor: Motion analysis with video Soft tissue mobilization for increased flexibility and prevention.  Chiropractic adjustment if needed for proper nervous system balance. Home programs with pre-/post- stretching for sports practice, home exercise for imbalances or weaknesses, and weekly emails from the doctor to increase home program execution. Weekly recovery club – During every session with Dr. Kyle the following therapies will aid in athletic recovery. Vibration plate – 5... read more

Nutrition and heart disease

There is no disput that there is a relationship between a poor diet and heart disease. It has been shown that Vitamin C intake can greatly reduce the risk of certain diseases.  Check out the following info for more information.               Best Syndication Vitamin C RDA should be doubled to reduce risk of stroke, cancer, heart disease Examiner.com The researchers, in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, say there’s compelling evidence that the RDA of vitamin C should be raised to 200 milligrams per day for adults, up from its current levels in the United States of 75 milligrams for … Scientists suggest RDA of Vitamin C should be doubled to Reduce Disease RiskBest Syndication Higher RDA for Vitamin C Needed, How Much and WhyeMaxHealth Vitamin C RDA should be doubled, says Linus Pauling Institute researcherNutraIngredients-usa.com Glamour (blog) all 26 news articles »…More at Vitamin C RDA should be doubled to reduce risk of stroke, cancer, heart disease – Examiner.com Image by Alex E. Proimos via... read more

The “Synergy Approach” to Health

  Recently Synergy Health Chiropractic has added a new addition to the team of health professionals. Bernadette Lueck and Scaling Down  joined the Synergy Health team. The “Synergy Approach” is something like no other. Before explaining the Synergy Approach, we have to answer some really tuff but simple questions. Why would you want to address your nervous system, chemical system and physical system together synergistically? When looking at Chiropractic, there is never anything introduced from the outside in. The nervous system and brain are our master controls of the body. It is housed by an amazing structure called the spine and skull. Within every segment of our 24 vertebrae there are nerves flowing out to the body to control every process. It is pretty amazing to think that I can think about my beautiful wife and my nervous system will respond by making me smile, and talk to my heart to beat a little faster. In the same way we can create negative responses when thinking negative, hold bad posture, take in processed foods and so on. Chiropractic works in facilitating that nervous system. When there is dysfunction, negative responses or misalignment in the spine called a subluxation, it is up to Chiropractic to find and realign that system. This is only but a piece of the puzzle, however. The foods we eat create energy, deals with inflammation, nourish injured tissue and help our body fight off foreign intruders. A good example of how this works is athletic recovery. I have worked with Olympic and professional athletes, and what I have learned is they take their food almost as... read more

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