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Do kids have headaches?

By: Dr. Kyle Knox – Chiropractor in Westlake Village CA – Headaches

Have you ever asked your children if their head hurts or have headaches during the week? It has become very common that a young athlete comes into my door for shoulder, neck, back, or hip pain and through my exam a good majority of them have regular headaches.  Think about having a headache while trying to learn something new in school.

Reasons for headaches can range from tension, birth trauma, nutrition, head trauma (concussion), neurological, circulation and the list goes on.  I wanted to focus on kids today because headaches are common, but are not talked about.  With the increasing time in front of homework, video games, texting, facebook, etc.  Tension in the upper back and neck is created from the poor posture and headaches are created from the imbalance in neck muscles.  You can do something about this.  With Re-alignment of the spine and daily posture stretching, the body will NATURALLY decrease overall tension.  Have your child checked today and lets create a healthier tomorrow. Call (818) 597-0000