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Foam Rolling Benefits

By:   Dr. Kyle Knox, DC CCSP.  Chiropractor in Westlake Village CA.  Synergy Health Chiropractic Foam Rolling Benefits

Foam rolling has been taking the scene of athletics by storm.  It is hard to find a sports Chiropractor, trainer, or physical therapist without finding this new cylindrical foam piece close at hand.  Throughout our day we are constantly creating tightness.  If it is poor posture at work, driving a car, riding a bike for hours at a time, running 3 miles or swimming 3,000 yards there are muscles and tissues that cause imbalances in our body.  Foam rolling allows us to flush out the muscles daily and lead us towards better posture. “Posture?  How does posture relate to muscle balance?” Muscles and spinal alignment have everything to do with posture.  Posture is essential to proper movement.  Think of trying to lift your arms over your head while hunched forward sitting.  It is almost impossible.  Now if you sit nice and tall and then do the same, your arms fly above your head.  If the spine or joints are not moving correctly or are in bad position, the muscles have no chance in doing their job correctly.  In turn if the muscles are over used and become tight, they restrict motion of the joints and irritate the nearby nervous system.  This is why foam rolling has become essential for home care or “Daily Healthy Habits.”  Home care is important for the hard core triathlete, office worker, weekend warrior, and everyone in between.  With the re-alignment of the spine and joints during Chiropractic care, the foam roller helps balance the muscles daily and assists the body in holding better posture/alignment.

With every roll of the foam roller you are releasing tight muscles, encouraging better circulation, and breaking down myofascial adhesions.  If you have never seen foam rolling in action, check out the video below.  Before attempting foam rolling at home, please consult your sports chiropractor.  If you don’t have a chiropractor call my office today and we can work together in creating a more balanced you.  (818) 597-0000