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Low Back Pain – Exercise

Low Back Pain – Pregnancy – Post Labor pain

By: Dr. Kyle Knox, DC CCSP Westlake Village Chiropractor

One of the most frustrating aspects of lower back pain for an active lifestyle person is what to do exercise wise while you are healing.  The lower back starts to feel better and you want to get back to that boot camp or training regimen.  Lower back pain has a lot of possible reasons and diagnoses.  For the majority of muscular skeletal issues, core strengthening is one of the best things you can do to support the lower back.  If you have a disk issue, the unstable material is now a lifetime process of needing extra stabilizing.   Here is the question…..When you have low back pain or just getting out of pain, what are safe exercises to start with?  The following video describes five easy to do exercises that can be performed daily to give your core a good foundation.   With this foundation of movement, you will then be safe to progress to more advanced movements and strength.

Exercises to stay away from while recovering from lower back pain:

1. Deep squat

2. Dead lift

3. Supine scissor kicks

4. Downward Dog – If Disk Related (Sciatica)

5. Heavy bench press